Custom Handcrafted high quality porcelain for restaurants

Personalized restaurant porcelain is an option to set yourself apart from all other competitors. With the growing demand for personalized and differentiated products, always seeking the best quality and satisfaction, the customer seeks to feel unique and special.
Just as eating a plate nail in restaurant A or B is the same and perfectly indifferent to the consumer, even the price does not differ. The opposite is no longer the case when someone goes to a specific restaurant to eat an oven-baked octopus or a hot and cold dessert with mixtures of unique flavors made by that reputable chef in the right atmosphere at that time. Everything seems to hit right and accordingly … Has it ever happened to you until you feel like eating your plate?
With our old-fashioned custom crockery and everything handcrafted, from mold removal, baking, painting, glazing and cooking again, all made with decades of experience.
The pieces are produced with a glazing that allows greater resistance and thus a long life, maintaining their beauty over time.
We produce and customize products where baking up to 1200º in each piece will provide high strength porcelain and they can be continuously baked in high temperatures, microwaved and washed hundreds of times without losing any quality.

So as we personalize, the clothing for your establishment’s staff, the tablecloths and napkins, and the tableware for your dishes presentation. Customers will not be surprised by the many branding applications we provide for your establishment. But given that a customer waits an average of twenty minutes for their plate to be served, and some of that time spends him looking at the table… How about we take the time to remind him who we are, what we offer and what What experience will you live in our space? With custom tablecloths, custom napkins and handcrafted custom dinnerware. This will create a high expectation for our customer.

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