“Zen” atmosphere – calm and relaxing – with a high degree of comfort, it is inspired by the simple and geometric spaces of timeless Japanese classical culture. Kyuubi is a reference Sushi Lounge in Oeiras.


Sushi Lounge

Rua Marechal Costa Gomes Nº 4 Loja C 2770-270 Oeiras

Kyuubi – 九尾 (“nine tails”) is the mythological nine tails fox from Japanese mythology. It is one of the nine legendary demons, the Kyuubi fox being the strongest among them.
Kyuubi Sushi Lounge was born in Oeiras and became popular for its diverse and quality offer. The brand new Restaurant in Oeiras offers a cozy atmosphere in a modern space. The menu adapts to customers’ taste with traditional or fusion sushi.
Get in this journey to Japanese flavors.
Contact: +351 214 420 686

Website: http://kyuubilounge.com

Kyuubi Sushi Louge
Kyuubi Sushi Louge

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