Frequently asked questions

The Frequently Asked Questions below presents the most common questions that are sent through our customers. If you have any further questions, please fill out the form through the contacts link.

Yes, 100% Original. 90% of our products are produced by our own, Chefatwork, so they are national products. A very small part of products, we turn to some of our suppliers manufacturers.

For us, an unsatisfied customer is a very serious problem, so we have satisfaction and full refund policies. Learn more on the Satisfaction and / or refund page.a Satisfaction and / or refund.

As we depend on third parties for both national and international logistics, once the order arrives we are automatically processed and shipped for production. Online orders have priority. The estimated delivery time is 7 to 10 business days. There are situations where you can arrive at 15 business days. – If the request does not arrive within this time, do not hesitate to contact us, there may be only some logistics problem. – The client can at any time and request the immediate refund, however we advise ALWAYS to contact us, through our link of contacts.

We have had situations other than our service, such as the Post Mail Strikes or clear customs services.

We try to give all information to the customer. We do not provide the shipment registration number because the time the product is produced and finished and placed on the carrier, there are cases where it is delivered in 24H. that our dealers deliver the orders by hand!

In any situation that is not detected misuse of the products, we guarantee the excellent quality of our raw materials. Our clothes last literally “an eternity”. I

n every situation for any type of customer dissatisfaction, a cut, a size, etc., Questão Habitual Lda is here for your customers and for your total satisfaction.