Why we use quality table towels? What distinguishes us and our customers?

On our days, a table towel is not a simple cloth used to cover a table. A table towel is an ornamental cover that defines your space and the well-being of your clients.
The table cloth integrated in an ambience involving other materials, such as napkins, cutlery, table centers, etc., defines the personality of your restaurante or hotel space.
Nowadays, where the demand of the tourism market and fast circulation of information, quickly make a Restaurant, Hotel or any other hotel space pass to the mouths of the world, for good and ill.
In this way, we want that in the case of the Chefatwork table clothes, brings to you the best options of fabrics of high durability, for professional use of the day to day. The tablecloths and napkins, they are easy to wash easy maintenance and mainly do not fade, nor gain bubble.
All tablecloths are sheathed, for example Tersuisse tablecloths in 100% polyester, can have an intensive wash, do not fade, shrink and easy maintenance (we have clients with towels as new for over 20 years). While the satin tablecloths are composed of more noble fabric, being in the same towels for professional use.
Although there are thousands of fabrics in the tablecloths market, tablecloths for restaurants are not easy to find, and above all, it is not easy to buy through the internet, we just can not get them to touch and feel them. But we guarantee that by visualizing the technical sheets of each fabric and choosing more than 20 standard measures for each tablecloth and three different sizes of napkins, you will understand all the advantages when choosing and the ease of purchasing these products in our store.
For us, our cloths are not simply to help protect the table from scratches and blemishes, nor simply to spread the dishes and cutlery. For us, a dining room table has to have unique personality, to be intimate, with the perfect well-being of its customers.

Our customers!

We could list customers who have already ordered us from all over Europe, from restaurants, hotels, hostels, catering services, champagne houses, winemakers, pastry shops, pastry shops, etc. Our products are integrated into the interior decoration of hundreds of spaces. Our core business is tablecloths and napkins for restaurants, in large quantities, however, nothing prevents quality from reaching your home, to a more intimate moment, a christening, a Christmas party or any other festivity. We also have products and sell individually for you!

All fabrics have data sheets!

All our fabrics have data sheets, which allows the customer to choose what kind of usability they will give to their towels, paths or napkins.

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  1. Angie M. says:

    Perfect item, perfect finish, just what the client was looking for. The website is very well planned to chose sizes, colors and materials. Even without the discount, I am very happy with this tablecloth.

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