Anti-Cut Steel Wire Mesh Glove | Stainless Steel Butcher Safety Glove


Protect your hands from the most delicate tasks with the highest level of protection with the Anti-Cut Steel Mesh Glove.
The Anti-Cut Steel Mesh Glove is made of high quality stainless steel mesh which ensures high safety when handling sharp objects. It has high resistance to cutting knives, daggers, pocket knives, scrapers or other sharp utensils, ideal for butchers / butchers, or kitchen chefs with high risk of manual work, providing the user with total safety.
It is extremely durable and can be used on both the left and right hands, allowing you to do your work normally.
This anti-cut glove is a great work glove with a quick fit through its ribbon and snap spring and a cotton inner glove for added comfort. Easy to use and easy to clean.

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